2024 Convention Committees

Entertainment:  $1,800 budget Ken Shanahan (chairman) Sue Morrow (co-chairwoman)
Vendors:  Leonard Ball (chairman) Ryan Arpan (co-chairman)
Seminars:  $1,500 budget Sue Morrow (chairwoman) Matt Sundeen (co-chairman)
Yard Tours:  Ryan Arpan (chairman) Mel Virrueta (co-chairman)
Banquet & Luncheons:  Sue Morrow (chairwoman) Leonard Ball (co-chairman)
Demonstrations: Ryan Arpan (chairman) Ken Shanahan (co-chairman)
Door Prizes:  budget of $200 with an optional $200 Mel Virrueta (chairman) Sue Morrow (co-chairwoman)
Scholarship Raffle:  budget of $750 Matt Sundeen (chairman) Leonard Ball (co-chairman)
Awards:  Ken Shanahan (chairman) Matt Sundeen (co-chairman)
Hospitality:  budget of $200 Ryan Arpan (chairman) Ken Shanahan (co-chairman)
Newsletter:  President Ken Shanahan
Ladies Seminars:  budget of $500 Leonard Ball (chairman) Sue Morrow (co-chairwoman)
Marketing:  budget of $1,500 Matt Sundeen (chairman)
Mel Virrueta (co-chairman) and Sue Morrow (co-chairwoman)
Facebook: John Jepsen and Sue Morrow
Convention Destinations:  Sue Morrow and any other directors or members


2024-2025 Board of Directors

Matt Sundeen of Maguire Agency, Inc. Roseville, MN

Ryan Arpan of Midwest House Movers Madison, SD

Sue Morrow of Morrow’s Housemoving, Inc. Jackson, NE

Ken Shanahan of Egge Movers, LLC Lone Rock, WI
Leonard Ball of Crossroads Movers Belleville, KS
Bill Scribner of Scrib’s Moving David City, NE