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2021 Annual Conference
One-day outdoor event in Minneapolis at John Jepsen’s yard
Saturday, May 8, 2021

Greetings fellow movers,

I wish you all could understand the feeling of relief I had that the city remaind incredibly quiet after the guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial. With that it makes me even more excited to be hosting the 2021 Mid States House Movers Conference.
I am on the mend after being in the hospital for several days, my recovery is going slow but well. Thankfully my employees have been working hard to make sure our shop and yard are ready for the event. We are planning to have many of our different shoring and jacking systems on display, as well as some wood beam/column assemblies that we pulled out of some old buildings. These were crushed from over loading and are an impressive site to see. We will also have our power dollies going and on display. Because of the displays and power dollies in use we are asking everyone to please use the parking out in the streets. Our address is 3119 East 26th Street Minneapolis, MN (the corner of 31st Ave. and East 2nd Street.) However you will have to enter into our yard from 31st Ave. There will be signs. If anyone is in the need to park closwer we can easily accomodate them.
Remember, Minnesota still has an indoor mask mandate so please come prepared. Really looking forward to seeing everyone May 8th!

Hello, we hope that this finds you well.  The last year has certainly been one to forget.  I think we saw a science fiction movie about this a few years ago. 

Your Midstates Housemovers Board has been continuing to have conversations regarding our 2021 convention.  We feel like it is unwise to try to hold our regular March convention due to the ongoing Covid health issues.

At this time our plan is to do a one-day outdoor event in Minneapolis at John Jepsen’s yard on Saturday, May 8.  We feel like this is the best option to give everyone the safe opportunity to gather as a group, catch up on friendships and learn.

Here is the tentative plan:

9am – Welcome, coffee and donuts
10am-12pm – outdoor demonstrations, exhibits, etc.
12pm-130pm – Lunch at Yard
2-5 – Seminars, outdoor exhibits and demonstrations
5:30-7:30 – Supper with awards and silent auction
7:30 – Social time

Please stay tuned for more information, but certainly put this day on your calendar.  We will locate a hotel or two and hold some rooms for the group, probably one on the north side of town and one on the south side of town if you choose to come in Friday night or stay until Sunday.  To sign a group contract with a Hotel, they are asking for us to assume liability for illness, etc.  At this point it is just not worth the risk.

John’s yard is located at 3119 E. 26th Street, Minneapolis.

A couple of other notes, we will attempt to do awards and an award presentation for 2019 and 2020.  We are going to have a deadline of Mid-April to submit entries.  We will have several ways to enter, mail to Matt Sundeen, via email, or (hopefully) download on the website.

In addition, we will try to give away a couple of scholarships to our deserving kids/grandkids.  We will be having a silent auction or raffle in order to help us raise some money to support the scholarships.

Although this is not ideal, this is the best (or least, worst) idea to try to keep some semblance of a 2021 convention.  Hopefully back to normal in the middle of March in 2022.

Stay tuned for more info.  Please reach out with questions or concerns.

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